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Create Your Irresistible Lead Magnet

A FREE 2-hour virtual masterclass, designed specifically for Health and Fitness Coaches. Learn how to create a high-converting evergreen lead magnet that attracts your ideal client, boosts conversions, and turns your audience into paying clients!


Coming March 2024!

This is NOT your ordinary masterclass, this is going to be super interactive.


You'll get the opportunity to discuss your business with me and together we'll collaborate and identify your irresistible lead magnet. During this class, you'll take massive action by actually starting to create your lead magnet and crafting your compelling sales page copy.

By the end of this Masterclass, you'll be well on your way to developing your high-converting lead magnet that builds trust with your audience and transforms them into paying clients!

During this workshop you'll:

  • Gain a clear understanding of exactly what a lead magnet is

  • Recognize the characteristics of an impactful lead magnet 

  • Identify exactly what your evergreen lead magnet is going to be

  • Design/layout your lead magnet

  • Crafting your compelling sales copy

  • Learn the next steps for promoting and delivering your lead magnet

The Opt-In Formula walks you through each step from identifying your offer to promoting it! And I'll be handholding you through every step of the process.


This is not some masterclass where I talk at you for two hours with limited interaction. This is going to be a collaborative workshop!


You're going to have time to work on your lead magnet, ask questions about your offer, and work on your sales copy, by the end, you'll be excited to start promoting your irresistible lead magnet and growing your list!

Promote Your Lead Magnet 

Expand Your Email List

Grow Your Business

Coming March 2024, Be the first to know when enrollment opens!


Opt-In Formula, A FREE Workshop to Create Your Lead Magnet And Grow Your List!

 STEP 1:  Layout the details of the lead magnet that's going to build the relationship required to convert. 

 STEP 2:  Create your lead magnet in the format that's going to engage and attract your ideal client.

When it comes to attracting and converting online clients into paying customers they MUST KNOW, LIKE, AND TRUST you! An impactful lead magnet is created by providing value to your target audience.

During this workshop, you'll get the exact details of what MUST be included in your lead magnet to build that trust! 

Downloadable PDF, On-Demand Masterclass, or DIY Course, These are all options for your evergreen lead magnet.

During this workshop, we'll identify what's the right way to deliver the content you want to provide in your evergreen lead magnet and actually spend time creating that content!

 STEP 3:  Promote your lead magnet to grow your email list, and turn your audience into a paying client.

All lead magnets must have a sales/landing page. And what's a bigger pain in the a$s than writing sales copy? 

During this masterclass, we're also going to cover the details of writing compelling sales copy! And you're going to get my blueprint for writing sales copy that converts!

Coming March 2024, Be the first to know when enrollment opens!

With the right strategy, you can go from having a mediocre lead magnet to a must-have item that your target audience will be drawn to.


Hey I'm Jenn,

Over the last 2 years, I've worked with dozens of coaches who all feel the same way about tech and design...It stresses them out because these aren't the things they're best at! It's because of those feelings they either put off creating their lead magnet, or they create something that doesn't provide "REAL Value". 

In this FREE workshop, you'll discover my formula for crafting a compelling Opt-In, laying out exactly what it takes to create a truly irresistible evergreen lead magnet that converts! 

This formula is proven and if you're willing to put in the work during this workshop you'll end up with an offer your ideal clients will be chopping at the bit to get their hands on! 

No more putting off creating your lead magnet, no more lame lead magnets that don't provide any real value. It's time to create your irresistible evergreen lead magnet that converts, and allows you to start building the trust you need to convert those ideal clients into paying clients! 

I'm Pumped to get to work with you in the workshop soon!

Coming March 2024, Be the first to know when enrollment opens!

Drop your name and email below, you'll be the first to know when doors open for this FREE Workshop!

This is the BEST thing that I have done for my business!

"Seriously I have no words for all that you've done, I'm mean honestly this is the best thing that I have done for my business!"

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