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I'm Jenn, Integrator for Nutrition and Fitness Coaches, helping with Website Designs, Email Marketing, and Backend Automation

Hey, I'm Jenn

I’m a certified Nutrition and Fitness Coach with a Degree in Graphic Design and Furniture Design…I know…nothing to do with Health & Fitness 😆

I’m no stranger to building a successful brand, I’m the owner and creator of A Dash of Macros. Where I have coached hundreds of ladies, teaching them how to properly fuel their bodies and lift heavy!

While I love coaching, I’ve always loved the behind-the-scenes part of this business….And I think other coaches could tell, because coaches started reaching out to me asking for help!


After silently helping other coaches for 2 years, creating e-books, post templates, sales pages, and fixing the backend of their business; a light bulb went off…I realized this is what I love doing, creating! Helping other nutrition and fitness coaches elevate their brand, automate their business, and in general, help coaches get shit done in their business. And BONUS, I’m finally using my degree!


In Q1 2023 I decided to make the shift from being a coach helping clients, to being a coach helping other coaches!

If you're a Nutrition or Fitness Coach and you feel like:

  • Your website looks amateur, but you don't know how to fix it, or you're scared to work on your website...fearful that you'll break it!

  • Does the tech side of things make you want to pull your hair out?

  • Your back of house is a mess, like you have things in a million different places.

  • You're all over the place, overwhelmed and confused? 

  • There has to be a way to make your business run smoother, on autopilot.

  • You’re wasting time doing too many things other than coaching and growing your business.

  • Maybe you have too many tools and software, or you’re unsure of what systems you actually need.

  • You never want to create another sales page or fight with technology again.

  • Your branding needs a face life or perhaps you don’t have any branding at all.

I can help you build out your vision and make it run on autopilot, letting you do what you want to be doing…coaching!

This overwhelm and confusion is VERY typical for coaches. Coaches are great a coaching, but the back-of-house stuff isn’t their strong suit!


The good news is you’ve got me!!! Not only do I understand all of the backend stuff:  Websites, Automation, Email Marketing, and Trainerize...I was also a Nutrition Fitness Coach! Not sure if you knew that, but I have a very successful nutrition/fitness coaching business  @adashofmacors! So, not only do I know exactly what you need to run your business, I speak the language of you and your ideal client! 


There are tons of business coaches out there who promote the software or tech that they use. However, that might not be the right fit for you and your business. 


Being that I'm also a nutrition and fitness coach, doing it all by myself for years. I've tried ALL the software! Now, that might be an overstatement….there is too much software out there to use it all. But I have tried a LOT, so I know what's easiest to use, what systems you actually need and don’t, and which platforms are just way too expensive and not worth it.

If you're done feeling overwhelmed/confused, sick of doing it all on your own, and just want someone that you can trust to help you figure it all out, then I would love to chat with you! 


During our call, we'll take a deep dive into your business! This is not a sales call, sure you'll get options for working with me. But my only goal of these calls is to learn about you, your business, and to help you. Even if we don't end up working together, I promise you'll walk away with actionable items that you can tackle in your business! 


Website Design For Coaches

Whether you need a complete Website, Redesign, or just a few tweaks, I will elevate your online presence. Design a site that reflects your brand identity and values, to attract your ideal client!​ 

Perhaps you don’t need an entire website, maybe you just need a single landing or sales page. A page that compels your ideal client to click that buy button

Email Marketing For Coaches

If you don’t have email marketing what are you waiting for?


Building your email list is crucial for your coaching business. It provides a platform that is within your control.

Not happy with your current platform, find it hard to use, not sure you’re using it to its fullest capabilities…I can help you transition to the best platform without losing any of your subscriber’s information and transfer all forms and automation you might have built out!

Backend Automation & Organization

I can help get your business organized and streamlined. Making sure all your forms, opt-ins, landing pages, sales pages, training programs, and PDFs are orderly and make sense as to where they are housed. I’ll set up backend tech and funnels to automate your business so it’s working for you instead of you working for it!

And so much more!

For a detailed list of all the services I offer click here!


FREE High-Converting Sales Page Checklist for Nutrition and Fitness Coaches

This FREE checklist is a comprehensive resource that includes ALL of the necessary elements for a HIGH-CONVERTING sales page. Guaranteed to help enhance your sales pages, improve your conversions, and grow your business!

Create a Sales Page that CONVERTS!

  • Understand why people don't buy

  • Learn to write copy that attracts your ideal client

CONVERT is my signature format that lays out everything that MUST be on your sales page. This is exactly what I share with all of my clients while we're designing their websites, sales pages, and landing pages!

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