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Monthly Retainer Service for Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaches with Exclusive Benefits

I help nutrition and fitness coaches focus on the things they enjoy in their business. While I take care of the rest! Website Design, Backend automation, Email Marketing, and everything else that drives you crazy!

My retainer clients are a top priority, with first access to my time and dedicated blocks on my schedule.


I get it, you don’t have time for all the backend tasks, updating sales pages and automatons for each launch, or any of the other nitty-gritty items that come with running your business. That’s where I come in! I’ll be on your team as your integrator and designer getting these tasks done for you.


Space is limited! Sign up now, become a retainer client and you could save thousands of dollars a year. Plus you’ll have me, your OCD dependable partner on your team!

Custom Website Design Lead Generating Email Marketing Backend Automation to Streamline your Business

You get to focus on the things you enjoy in your business, and I’ll take care of the rest!

Only $450 per month (savings of $150 off my hourly rate)

Want all the fine print and details: Read Terms and Conditions


Exactly What You Need

Every one of my clients has different needs. No two businesses are the same, have the same offers,  launch the same way, or are at the same level in their business!


This is where each of my retainer clients gets exactly what they need!


From the nitty-gritty: Sales page build-outs, landing page creation, backend automation, storefront/apparel page updates, trainerize programming, email marketing, PDF customization, social media or Facebook ad templates, and so much more.

All with the goal of freeing up your time, and making your business run as seamlessly as possible.


To someone to learn from and bounce ideas off of: I’ve been there and done that! As a nutrition and fitness coach myself, I have used all the different systems, tried different ways of gaining clients, and promoting my services. I can be your business advisor, the person on your team you talk through your ideas with, and figure out the best way to implement those ideas.

I’ll be your designer/integrator who brings those ideas to life!


Maybe you’re just getting started and you need more handholding: Someone to not only help you set up your systems but teach you how to use them. My goal with all of my clients is for them to know and understand everything that I’m doing for them. This way, should you no longer need my services, you won’t be left confused about how to operate your business without me!

I can be there to review the work you’re doing on your own, talk through your posts on social media, the website you’ve built out, the sales pages you’ve created, the PDF you’ve designed, and just about anything you might want help with or feedback on…I can be your coach! Providing you with helpful and actionable feedback to really help you grow your business!


Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned coach, my retainer services are for you!

Monthly Retainer Benefits for Coaches


Access To Me:

To get shit done! Ensure your to-do list is complete! No more pushing it off till next month, or when you have time…because face it…will you ever find the time?

I’ll Be On Your Team:


Your in-house designer & integrator, allowing for a more collaborative approach to your projects. Which in the end, will result in better end products that operate seamlessly.


Saving You Time:

I’m the tech junkie who gets things done fast, saving you time from trying to figure it out on your own!

Saving You Money:


As a retainer client should you need more than what’s included in the monthly retainer fee, you’ll get discounted hourly rates and discounted project rates, potentially saving you thousands of dollars per year!

Retainer Package

3 Hours of Work Each Month:


Completely customized to you and your to-do list. Based on your focus for the month! Are you in launch mode, developing a new offer, or growing your audience? This will help identify your needs for the month!


Monthly Check-Ins:


I get it, you’re busy, which is why I will help keep you on task. Every month you’ll get an email from me to prompt our task list for the month. From there we can communicate through email or if you’d like we can jump on Zoom to talk through that month’s projects…whichever works best for you and your schedule!


On-Going Support:


To streamline workflow and task completion via email or text!


Only $450 per month (savings of $150 off my hourly rate)

Want all the fine print and details? Read the Terms and Conditions

  • When Does Billing Start?
    Billing starts immediately. If you sign up today your first charge will take place today and will happen on the same day every single month going forward. This means your monthly retainer starts immediately and I can’t wait to get started!
  • What isi need MORE than 3 hours of work each month?
    For some people, 3 hours just isn’t enough time. If you need me for more than the allotted 3 hours, any additional time will be billed at a discounted rate of 25% off my hourly rate or at a 25% discount on a flat-rate project. Prior to going over the 3 hours in this retainer, I will gain your approval on the cost of the additional work, as well as the length of time it will take me to complete. Then any amount over the monthly retainer amount will be billed on the 25th of each month, to be paid within 72 hours of receipt of the invoice.
  • What is I don't use all 3 hours of work each month?
    I get it, some months you might have no projects for me, whereas other months you may have more! This is why I have created the rolling retainer fee! Any unused retainer fee will roll into the following month and build from month to month…Perfect for those coaches who launch quarterly and don’t need much help in between! However, if at the end of 3 months, you haven’t used all of your retainer hours, you will have the option of being refunded any unused retainer fees or if you know you have a big project coming up, you can choose to continue to roll your retainer fee into future months!
  • How is my time allocated on your schedule?
    Typically for non-retainer clients, I’m booked 4 weeks out. But as a retainer client, you take priority! Before the start of every month, you’ll get an email from me prompting your to-do list for the month. This will help enable me to work my schedule around your needs and agree to a deadline. But I get it things pop up and you might need some last-minute work. For any project that will take 1 hour or less, I guarantee it will be completed within 2 business days. For projects that will take between 1-4 hours, I guarantee they will be completed within 5 business days. For projects that will take between 4-8 hours, I guarantee they will be completed within 7 business days. And for projects that will take more than 8 hours a conversation will be needed to set expectations on turnaround time.
  • What happens after I sign up?
    Within minutes of signing up, you will receive an email from you. In this email, you will receive a copy of the terms and conditions for these retainer services. As well as a link to book your onboarding call! During this call, we will get started where you’re at! What you need right away and plan for the next several months!
  • How is time trackers? And what will be tracked?
    Once you become a retainer client I will begin tracking time spent on your projects and helping you. In an effort for complete transparency, I will share with you a document in which all current and pending projects will be tracked. In this document, I will include the name of the project and the estimated time to complete said project. In some cases we may choose to go with a flat rate for a project rather than time spent should that make sense and be more cost-effective. In this shared document I will also include tracking of our communication: emails, texts, phone calls, and voice notes. No, I’m not going to be a stickler and track quick text or voice notes with super simple questions. However, if we have a lot of super simple text, voice notes, and emails, I have the right to add up each of these each month to account for my time. Communication that takes more than 15 minutes of my time will be accounted for. You and I will have consistent communications and nothing on this tracking document should feel like a surprise. And if at any point in time you have a question about time being tracked I ask that you bring it to my attention immediately.
  • How do I terminate our contract?
    Things change, your business changes, life happens and with that means you may need to terminate our contract. I simply ask that you give me a 30-day. I’m also a small business like you, and these 30 days allow me to plan accordingly and wrap up any loose ends with your projects. Any party can terminate this contract, terms and conditions with a 30-day notice for any reason. A 30-day notice must be sent in writing via email.
  • Give me the fine print and details!
    No problem! Click here to review the terms and conditions associates with working with Create & Automate with Jenn. I'm positive everything will be to your agreement. However, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!
  • What are your current rates for individual projects?
    Click here to see my current rate sheet for all projects offered by Create & Automate with Jenn!

Only $450 per month (savings of $150 off my hourly rate)

Want all the fine print and details: Read Terms and Conditions

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