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Your Guide to a High-Converting Sales Page a detailed Checklist

A comprehensive resource that includes ALL of the necessary elements for a HIGH-CONVERTING sales page. Guaranteed to help enhance your sales pages, improve your conversions, and grow your business!

Understand why people don’t buy

Price/Time objection – This is typically a VALUE issue and they are using price and time as their objection. They don’t see the value in your offer, if they did, they would find the money/time.

Confusion – They really don’t know exactly what it is, if it is for them, if it will solve their problem, etc.

They don’t trust you – It can take people a long time to build trust. So if someone is new to your ecosystem, they might not be ready to buy just yet, but don’t give up on them. Continue to nurture them with free content and actionable tools. Once they KLT (Know, Like & Trust) you, they will be more likely to buy.

They don’t trust themselves – Their history shows that they fall off, disengage, quit, don’t follow through, fail, and don’t keep up the things that they commit to. We need to help them see how this will be different and how we are different and help them commit.

They don’t feel the heat enough – There’s a fine line between being too accommodating and too forceful in your sale copy. But we need to create a sense of urgency, scarcity, FOMO (Fear of missing out), etc.

Now that you understand why people don’t buy, let’s dive into building out your sales page!

Create a Sales Page that Converts

C - Communicate your offer

The name of your offer and description should communicate exactly what your offer is, who it helps, and how it will help!

O - Objections

Don’t wait for the objections, call them out, and address their hesitations.

N - Non-Negotiables

Just like relationships, you have non-negotiables. You have your ideal client, call them out. State who the program is and is not for!

V - Variety of Options

In a world where almost everything can be done online, people have a variety of options to choose from. Get ahead of their thoughts. List out the other options and state how you are different.


What is your plan of execution for your offer? Have you established any systems or frameworks to ensure that results are easily comprehensible and achievable?

R - Reviews

Social proof, reviews, and testimonials, they speak to you, your abilities, and your coaching styles. They also showcase the results you’re able to achieve with your clients.

T - The Price

Yes, you need to include the price. Don’t leave people guessing or wondering. Don’t require them to book a sales call before they learn the price. Post it proudly on your sales page!

Create Your High-Converting Sales Page

Be Transparent – It shouldn’t feel like a mismatch, you should not feel pushy. It should feel compelling, they should be interested.

Compelling – Practice talking in a compelling way. Get in their head!

Some words are more compelling than others:

  • Random tips thrown together VS a “system”

  • Words that convey ease, fast, simple, repeatable, proven, value (good investment), desired outcomes, etc.

  • Use verbs to get them to take action

What’s In It For Me? (WIIFM) – Always remember your potential customer needs to be convinced that THIS offer was created perfectly for them and that YOU are the perfect facilitator to help them transform

  • It’s not about you, it’s about THEM

  • You are simply the guide; they are the main character in this story

Use their language – You want to use their pain points in their own words. By doing so you will draw them in, and they will see themselves in your offer. They will identify with what you’re saying and it will get them to be more excited for what’s to come.

  • Know who you are speaking to and speak to that one single person

  • Don’t be too formal, too robotic, too term-paper-y.

Read Your Copy Out loud – can people connect to it and not a robot.

  • Watch for words you wouldn’t use in normal spoken conversation

  • Watch for too many run-on sentences

  • Watch out for too much redundancy and just writing too much in general

Be Better – We have to be better than the rest, and we have to identify why we are different.

Create Your High-Converting Sale Page

Using the format outlined in this checklist, you’re going to create the sales copy necessary for a high-converting sales page!

This high-converting sales page checklist covers everything that MUST be on your sales page, which will help you generate higher-quality clients who are ready to work with you, and make selling a whole lot easier!

You can put your sales copy in the exact order of this checklist or you can organize the material within your sales page In any way you see fit. But the goal is to get it all on your sales page!

High-Converting Sales Page Checklist

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